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Do you feel like you're self-sabotaging your diet and weight loss goals time and time again, but you just can't figure out why?

If you're the type of person who knows exactly what you need to do, but you just can't seem to stick to it, then the last thing you need right now is more nutritional advice or another exercise program.

Instead, Rapid Transformational Therapy can help you dig deeper and uncover the root cause of your issue on a mental and emotional level, and release you from it in as little as one session. 

While other therapies and wellness programs only treat the symptoms and try to change the problem at a behavioural level, RTT™ uses hypnosis to heal your struggles with food and weight at the source.

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What is RTT?

Ready to transform your issue with food and weight

once and for all?

I'm Joni, by the way. 


I’m a Rapid Transformational Therapist specialising in the Psychology of Eating to help women overcome their struggle with food, dieting and weight once and for all.

I struggled with weight, binge eating and emotional eating for nearly 20 years.


All these years, I was so focused on WHAT to eat to lose weight, but it wasn’t until I started studying eating psychology, human behaviour and neuroscience that I discovered the hidden forces at play which kept me from succeeding time and time again.


Once I got to the bottom of WHY I was eating, I finally transformed my relationship with food and with my body for good.

I can't wait to see the (incredibly relaxed) look on your face when you get there too.

What People Say...


My experience in Joni’s RTT session was profound to say the least. I’m still comprehending how healing it was to not only dive into my own mind and memories, but also to console them. What a deeply empowering concept!


Joni’s guidance was gentle, loving and supportive; her compassion and care for this work is unwavering and she creates a truely safe environment.


The recording she created for me to continue the self-work for the subsequent 21 day period was comprehensive in addressing my initial goals, as well as acknowledging what was unearthed during the session. This sense of synergy has really struck me. I cannot express my gratitude enough for this life altering experience that Joni led.