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  • Joni Seeto

Stop Restricting To Stop Binging

There’s two types of restriction that lead to binge eating: physical restriction and emotional restriction.

Physical restriction means not eating enough food or enough nutrients - through dieting, restricting calories or cutting out entire food groups. As a reaction to physical restriction, our body will naturally slow down our metabolism and increase our appetite - often leading to binge eating as a result.

But emotional restriction is the one that trips many of us up. It comes from attaching moral values to the foods we eat - seeing some foods as 'good' and others as 'bad'. It's not giving ourselves the permission to eat certain foods, even if we want them.

Freeing yourself from binge eating means giving yourself unconditional permission to eat any food, any time.

Removing any shame, guilt or self judgment around eating food.

Truly allowing yourself to eat anything you want.

And knowing that you can always have it, whenever you want it.

Note: That doesn’t mean that you always have to eat everything that pops into your head. It just means you have the choice.