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  • Joni Seeto

Are You Setting Yourself Up For Failure?

I used to be a master at setting myself up for failure.

'I binged yesterday so today I'm not going to eat anything’ 'I'm going to do yoga every day for 100 days' 'I'm only going to eat paleo from now on’ 'I'm never eating sugar again’

Sound familiar?

But it never works, does it? It's impossible to stick by those crazy standards!

And then, when we don't, when we “fall off the wagon”, we feel like we failed. We feel worthless. Hopeless.

This all-or-nothing mentality you've got going is creating more problems than it’s solving.

It's this very attitude that leads to binging, to feeling out of control around food, to having one cookie and then eating the whole box.

It's this way of thinking that keeps you stuck in the cycle you're in.

So, have a think, where in your life are you trying to be too perfect? Thinking it's all or nothing? Seeing only black or white? Where are you setting yourself up for failure?

And where do you need a little bit more grey? A little more compassion? A few kind words?