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  • Joni Seeto

There's Nothing Wrong With Emotional Eating


So many of us have been taught they’re a bad thing, because our world values rational thought over emotions.

‘Don’t be such an emotional mess’ ‘Don’t be so sensitive’

Because of that, we never get taught how to actually deal with them, and so many of us very quickly learn to use food to soothe our emotions, or stuff them down.

It’s really very clever. I mean that. Emotional eating is a BRILLIANT coping mechanism.

Considering the world didn’t make it OK for you to have feelings, and didn’t teach you how to manage them, the fact that you came up with this strategy all by yourself is completely LEGIT.

So please, stop beating yourself up over emotional eating.

But, it might be that you’ve recognised that emotional eating is no longer serving you, in which case there’s a few options:

➡ Find additional ways to soothe yourself ➡ Give yourself the permission to feel your feelings ➡ Heal the source of your emotional pain