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  • Joni Seeto

There's No Such Thing As Guilty Pleasures

I keep seeing people share their recipes or #foodporn snaps captioned “This is my go-to guilty pleasure!”

Thing is though...

There’s no such thing as ‘guilty pleasures’.

When something gives you pleasure: your body relaxes, your digestive system works at full-strength, and everything is 👌

But when you feel guilty about something: those negative thoughts cause a stress reaction, your body tenses up, your digestive system partially shuts down, leading you to not be able to process nutrients efficiently and causing inflammation in the body.

The simple act of feeling guilty about something cancels out any potential pleasure you were hoping to receive from it.

So do yourself a favour.

If you want to eat something - anything - give yourself the permission to fully enjoy the experience without any guilt during or after.

You’ll digest it better, your brain will be able to fully register the pleasure response meaning you’ll be less likely to overeat and most importantly: you get to fully experience the food you love.

Win-win, really.