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  • Joni Seeto

Judgment vs Curiosity

One keeps you stuck, the other helps you heal.

Judgment: ‘I just wanted to eat one piece of chocolate but I ate the entire bar. I have no willpower.’

Curiosity: ‘I wonder why I ate the whole chocolate bar. Did I have enough to eat earlier today? Am I stressed about anything in particular? Did I get enough sleep last night?

Judgment: ‘I binged last night. I’m so ashamed and I feel like a failure.’

Curiosity: ‘I wonder why I binged last night. Have I been restricting myself at all recently? Was I trying to numb or soothe myself? Am I avoiding anything?’

Judgment: ‘I struggle to stick to eating keto. Why can’t I control myself?’

Curiosity: ‘I wonder why I can’t stick to this diet (or any diet by that matter). Perhaps it’s true what they say, that diets don’t work. Perhaps this way of eating simply doesn’t work for my body and my lifestyle.’

Judgment: ‘I just ate lunch but I’m still hungry. What’s wrong with me?’

Curiosity: ‘I wonder why I still feel hungry. Did I eat enough? Was my lunch satisfying enough? Is there anything else going on in my life that needs attention?’

Try it. It's freeing.