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  • Joni Seeto

It's Not You, It's Them

It’s not you, it’s THEM.

DIETS are the #1 reason why you:

➡ Binge or overeat ➡ Obsess about food all day ➡ Feel out of control around food

And if that wasn’t enough, diets are the reason why you keep GAINING weight, not losing.

On top of that - the food’s boring, you’re hungry all the time, and you have to keep denying yourself most of life’s pleasures.

SO TELL ME, why exactly do you keep putting yourself through this?

Wouldn’t you rather be able to go to dinner and order what you want rather than always having to order the salad (‘dressing on the side, please’)?

Wouldn’t you prefer to feel ‘normal’ around food rather than living your life in fear of losing your sh*t after eating a cookie?

Aren’t you sick of losing the same 20-30 pounds over and over again... 20 years in a row?

I know I was.

I just wanted to be happy. I just wanted to finally love myself. So I kept trying diet after diet... because that’s how we’re supposed to find happiness, right?'


You don’t need another diet to find happiness.

The question isn’t WHAT to eat. It’s WHY you eat.