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  • Joni Seeto

Is This Word Leading You To Binge?

People love to tell you what you SHOULD and shouldn't do, regardless of how you feel about it.

Hell, we even tell ourselves what we SHOULD or shouldn't be doing, regardless of how we really feel deep down.

The result? We force ourselves to do a gazillion things we don't really want to do, which creates so much stress and resentment that we then end up stuffing our faces to feel better.

It makes a lot of sense, really.

Oh, and then whenever we have a moment of mini rebellion against all these things we don't want to do, we then beat ourselves up afterwards... which makes us feel crappy... so then we go and eat even more food. Again, makes sense.

SHOULD = I don't really want to

So. The next time you find yourself half way down a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, ask yourself this...

What are all the things you’re either:

a. Forcing yourself to do because you SHOULD (but don't really want to)

b. Beating yourself up over not doing (because you actually didn't want to)