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  • Joni Seeto

Dieting Creates Fake Confidence

The #1 reason women want to lose weight is to have more confidence.

The thing is, dieting and shrinking your body into a size it can't sustain only brings FAKE confidence.

Sure, you might find it easier to accept yourself when you're thinner because you 'fit in' with society. But really, deep down you're telling yourself that it's not OK to be who you really are.

It's like telling to your kid: "I love you, but only when you behave nicely."

The real work lies in learning to accept yourself exactly as you are, at a size that's natural and sustainable for you and for your body.

You do that, you choose to accept yourself no matter what, now that's REAL confidence.

At that stage, it no longer matters what anyone else says about you, because you've chosen to believe that you're worthy.

And that's the stuff that makes people's heads turn when you enter the room.